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Our finale for 2015 will be held and
D & R Carp Lake!


What a year 2014 turned out to be and this year is gonna be better than ever!  I hope you guys and girls are ready because here's a change for this year: BUFFALOS WILL COUNT TOWARD YOUR POINTS THIS YEAR UP TO 30LBS.   And we will have a floating jug this year that will be $1 optional.

In order to signup for our tournaments you must register on our forum.  Just click forum at the top and then click register (it's free.) Make sure you use the correct email because you will have to go to it after you register to click on the link that Carp Report sends to you.

Sign in
2. Look for "Carp Report Signup" in Pink
3. Find lake that you want to sign up for
4. Scroll to bottom where the white box is that says  (Instant Reply)
5. Type your real name and username
6. Click Reply and you're done!